Industrial Wastewater Standard Discharge

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Industrial Wastewater Standard Discharge

In industrial fields, there are many kinds of wastewater with complex components. Improper discharge would make great harm to the natural environment and sustainable development. With the increasing strictness of relevant committees and standards, as well as the promotion of corporate social responsibility and environmental friendliness, the treatment process and governance objectives of industrial wastewater are being constantly upgraded. Focusing on R&D and applications of wastewater treatment processes, guided by the ideology of "divide and conquer", Keysino has been committed to solving the core problems of industrial wastewater discharge, and implement Keysino’s pursuit: Separating clean and turbid & making the best use!

Until now, Keysino's mature process solution packages include printing and dyeing, chemical, pulping, fermentation, pharmaceutical, power industry, etc. Keysino could provide with overall or partial process solution packages, including pre-treatment system, biochemical treatment system, advanced treatment system, water reuse system, ZLD system.


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