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We live in a world that resources shortage is getting worse, quality standards are becoming more stringent, thus, fine separation process is attracting more attentions than ever. Over the last decade, Keysino has never stopped gathering professionals to research membrane technology, who are committed to figure out the problems about waste-resourcezation and clean-production. Keysino has never stopped to make efforts to balance between the natural environment and industrial manufacturing, which is the true meaning of Keysino’s mission “Separating clean and turbid & making the best use”.

Keysino people make Keysino. Based on the flat team organizational structure and employee-oriented welfare system, Keysino encourages every Keysinorean to realize their career persuitt and self-value more competitively.

Keysinorean Stories

Keysino encourages every Keysinorean to realize their career persuitt and self-value more competitively.
Be inspired by our Keysinorean stories.

The social value of Keysino's works means a lot to me. Since I joined, I have participated in more than ten global projects, and I am deeply impressed by the value generated. During a project in Africa, after applicated our process package, I personally felt the tremendous improvement of drinking water conditions for local. This kind of harvest and satisfaction is hard to express. I believe that “Separating clean and turbid & making the best use” is not only the mission of Keysino, but I also see it as the future of the global development.

Yimin Wang Senior Technical Director

Since the first time I came to Keysino, I was impressed by the team. All members in team work closely with each other and learn from each other as students. This organizational style inspires creativity, efficiency and passion in everyone. Best of all, Keysino gives us many opportunities to have a try, which benefits me a lot. Keysino is my first job, and the only ever. Since my first contact with membrane technology in 2016, to become a main person in charge of process design now, Keysino has made me grow great progress.

Fei Yang Senior Process Engineer

Every project at Keysino is always full of challenges to me. As a mechanical engineer with over 10 years’ experience, I feel that my potential is constantly being tapped in the Keysino. This occupation requires my concentration and aggressiveness, which I look it as my favorite part of my life. In order to fit in the advancement of Keysino, I always keep learning to deal with the different challenges in my job. I could feel my growth after going through every single project. In the future, I am sure I will be more confident to accept new challenges.

Lirong Xiao Senior Mechanical Engineer

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