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Keysino at 24th Textile Asia Expo

2023. 03. 16

Shanghai Keysino at the 24th Textile Asia International Trade Fair in Karachi, Pakistan


The 24th Textile Asia International Trade Fair

Dates: March10-12, 2023

Venue: Karachi Expo Centre, Pakistan


Based on the goal of providing quality services for the textile printing and dyeing industry in Pakistan, overseas marketing team presented a number of professional water treatment solutions at the 24th Textile Asia International Trade Fair in Karachi, Pakistan.


After a long preparation, relying on its rich experience in printing and dyeing water treatment and overseas engineering, Keysino provides professional one-stop solutions for Pakistani printing and dyeing customers.


This year's exhibition covers a total area of 10,000 square meters, with 20 exhibitors from 28 countries, 320 exhibitors and 13,590 participants.


Textile Asia is the most influential exhibition for the textile industry in Pakistan, with the support of the government and various organizations. The Exhibition aims to focus on the immense buying selling potential of Loom Warping Weaving Machine, Textile Machinery parts, textile & garment machinery, Clothing Textiles Accessories, Textile Raw Material Supplies, Textile Dyes Chemicals, Embroidery Machines, Power & Air Compressors for Textile Industry and Textile Allied Services. The Pakistani government looks forward to modernizing and upgrading the textile sector of the country for the better-quality products and enhanced productivity.


Textile Industry Exhibition


Karachi Expo Centre

Karachi Expo Centre


The representative of Keysino in this exhibition showed the professional service level and industry capability, always adhering to the enterprise's customer-centered philosophy. We provide the most suitable solutions for our customers. “Professionalism, Innovation, Integrity and win-win” are not only the values practiced by Keysinorean, but also the best ‘business card’ of Keysino.



The delegate team of Keysino



Keysino representatives receive exhibition customers


Keysino has been dedicating in Printing & Dyeing industry for more than 10 years, with a daily treatment capacity of over 150, 000m³/d.


Relying on research and development, Keysino has been dedicating in Printing & Dyeing industry for more than 10 years, and continue to empower the growth of global industry customers. Keysino has been dedicating for more than 10 years in Printing & Dyeing industry, and has obtained a number of related patents and experience. According to the actual situation and requirement, keysino could provide mature solutions, process packages, R&D team support, scale test and pilot test, further, provide facilitated customization service as required.


In view of the clients’ complex production characteristics and the different requirements, Keysino provides clients with customized "end treatment + process reduction" overall solutions, with the constructive focuses on all aspects of textile printing and dyeing production. Keysino is committed to achieving a "win-win" with customers, reducing the production consumption and operation cost for enterprises, while promoting low-carbon production and environmental friendliness as well.


In Printing & Dyeing, Keysino could provide mature solutions such as the standard discharge, wastewater reuse, softened water, Mercerizing Alkali purification, alkali reuse, dye reuse, salt-control discharge, that keysino’s daily processing volume of the industry has exceeded 150000 m3/d so far. Until now, keysino has been certified a number of industry-related patents, as well as engineering capability and quality have been recognized by many international brands, such as Nike.


With the joint efforts of our overseas marketing team, we had a fruitful communication with the professional visitors from Pakistan at this exhibition. Keysino has acquired a deeper awareness and understanding about the printing and dyeing industry in Pakistan through this exhibition. On the other hand, this exhibition has reinforced our confidence to provide quality solutions to our Pakistan customers.

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